What is Counselling?

http://janrebel.eu/100jaar/nggallery/album-2/aerdenhout-1914 I believe that counselling facilitates healing by offering a safe place where through the genuine empathy of the counsellor, an individual can feel truly listened to without feeling judged. It is this empathic, non-judgemental place than can lead to a deeper insight and understanding of oneself, enabling personal development and growth. Counselling encourages people to be more open with their thoughts and feelings to gain an understanding of their internal world and what motivates their behaviour. The aim of therapy is to help people become fully functioning, building their resilience and ability to relate to others.

My Model

http://africanevasion.fr/10232-dtf72131-rencontre-libertine-pas-de-calais.html My counselling model is integrative and I incorporate different theoretical approaches, which I adapt to the individual needs of the client.